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Natural Environment Teaching (NET) Motivating both Therapist and Child

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

When it comes to ABA, there are so many new ways of teaching than there were before. No longer are the days of an entire session being strict table-top, token board, what some continuously call “robotic” ages.

Natural Environment Teaching (NET) has always been an option, yet now with technology advancing, toys becoming more reinforcing (as they get just get cooler and cooler) and creative program ideas being shared across the internet every day, NET is now more productive than it ever has been.

NET makes it fun to run programs, to teach new skills and can be so rewarding for the child, and some may say, the therapist too.

You see as a therapist, our perspective on the session is to make it fun, positive, interactive and engaging for the child. We want the child to be as motivated as possible to ensure we have their attention and targets are being hit. What better way to get up, get moving, have fun and TEACH!

For instance, holding up color cards in front of a child’s face asking “What color is this?” can get quite tedious for both the child and the therapist. Yet, for example, this could be easily transferred over to painting a large rainbow on mural paper with their hand prints and before getting access to the paint the child answers what color the paint is. Fun, motivating, target hitting, social, interactive and the list goes on..

Not only is the child having a wonderful time, the therapist is enjoying their session much more too, which in turn, creates positive energy all around and the session runs smoother, the programs run more productively and everyone comes away smiling in the end.

Not to take away from table-top programs, but were just shedding some light on NET and reminding everyone just how important and fun it can be, for both the child and therapist.

“The world is FULL of teaching opportunities,

we just have to present them.”

- Kathleen Burroughs

Have some great NET ideas? Use this post to comment and share among each other some great creative ways to TEACH!

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