The Heart of it All


Since 2017, ABA on the GO started with the needs of families in mind.


With little to no support, unacceptable waiting list times for therapy, and children not receiving the support they required, it was time to reach out to communities, and make a difference.

Families in need of high quality therapy, experienced and professional therapists and expert advice, are now able to receive it all, in the comfort of their own home. ABA on the GO is dedicated to providing families the whole package when it comes to ABA/IBI Therapy. Therapists bring their own materials, implement programs, collect detailed data and graph the entire process of every child’s programs, all while parents watch their child’s overall skills improve right before their very own eyes. Parent coaching, skill assessments, respite, consultations, school and daycare observations as well as in-school support are also available.

With what started as a little bit of hope, optimism and drive to help others, ABA on the GO is now the go-to answer for in-home and community based ABA/IBI Therapy across the GTA and surrounding areas.

Kathleen Burroughs

Founder & Director


"I want families to feel comfortable and confident in the therapy their child is receiving, without any doubts of their progression. I want parents of children with Autism to feel like they understand the process and enjoy the journey together of their child gaining new skills and improving every session. If the children we support are happy, learning and growing independent skills, then my mission is accomplished."

16 years in the special needs field









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