The Process

to Progress


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Let's Meet


We want to learn what your goals are for your child. Information booklets will be provided and we will discuss a steady schedule that ensures consistency of your child's programming that suits you best.


At this time, we are happy to answer any detailed questions you have about what to expect, programs and other ABA on the GO services.


Skills Assessment


​The first few sessions will consist of your child's therapist conducting a detailed assessment to assess your child's skill levels in a variety of different areas. Skills assessed include (but are not limited to) the following areas:

Receptive & Expressive Skills

Visual Performance

Syntax and Grammar

Fine & Gross Motor Imitation

Answering Questions

Maintaining Conversation

Play & Leisure Activities

Group Instruction 

General Classroom Routines





Life Skills



Sessions Begin


​Results of the ABLLS-R Assessment will determine which programs are put in place for your child. From here, therapists will work on these specific goals with programs that are broken down into prompt levels and targets that will naturally set your child up for success.


Along with these programs, your goals are also kept in mind and considered as part of your child's programming.


Communication is key for us at ABA on the GO and we want you to feel you can be open and honest regarding all aspects of your child's programming. We want to work with you as part of a team to ensure your child receives consistent and structured programming. 


Enjoy the Process of Progress


As your child learns and grows different skills, we want to keep you informed and in the loop of all aspects of their progress. Updated and frequent progress reports are given enabling you to visually see your child's progress right down to the specific targets they are mastering and to see the goals they are achieving.


We want to celebrate the small victories with you, which are, in the big picture, huge achievements.


Continuous meetings and acknowledging small to big achievements throughout the duration of sessions, creates a wonderful communication system between the therapists and families. This consistency results in incredible gains that we are proud to be a part of.