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Distance Learning

In Person & Virtual Sessions NOW AVAILABLE! 

ABA on the GO is excited to bring our sessions online!


Offering support with academics, reading comprehension, writing, self regualtion, and so much more.

All programs are personalized to suit each students specific needs. Please reach out should you wish to schedule an online session.

A Rewarding Experience


All children have specific learning styles and unique differences. The key to every child's success is motivation and consistency. The Founder of ABA on the GO has dedicated over 16 years of working with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and understands the obstacles that families may face when it comes to their child's independence. 


There is no bigger reward than experiencing the moment a child exhibits skills one day that he/she did not have the day before. From saying their first word to tying their shoes to learning how to add numbers together, every achievement, big or small, is a huge success in the everyday lives of each child we support. 

At ABA on the GO, we ensure to make your goals our priority, as well as implementing programs that secure each child's path to progress. No matter what your goals may be, ABA on the GO works with you to provide peace of mind. Informative and detailed data collection, graphs and monthly progress notes establish a structured and smooth path to progress for every child's growth.


1. Check if you are Eligible.

You may be eligible for funding and financial support for services through Special Services at Home (SSAH) 


2. Submit the Application Form

You can download the PDF form here and submit it to SSAH. Upon receiving your funds, give us a call to begin your child's path to progress. 

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Acceptance & Encouragement


Every day is Autism Awareness Day for us at ABA on the GO. We believe in acceptance, encouragement and above all else, having the children and individuals we support feel confident and happy with themselves. We always love to hear success stories and understand that "small victories" are actually incredible gains. 

Progression. Together.


Honesty is the best policy and open communication between parents and professionals play a vital role in children's success. We want to be there for you every step of the way and take pride in knowing there is a team of dedicated individuals behind your child's progression. 

ABA on the GO in a Nutshell.

A quick wrap-up of ABA on the GO to give you a better understanding of exactly what we're all about. All ABA on the GO services are provided in the comfort of your own home, at your child's daycare and/or school.

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