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Whether your child is not speaking at all, has minimal words, or needs support on their grammar or forming sentences, we have programs to improve their overall language development skills to help them reach their full potential with all forms of communication.

Building Language Skills 

one session at a time



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life skills
Blue Paper
social skils

Children learn through play and social skills are essential in every child's development. With fun and creative programming, your child will improve their social skills by focusing on targets such as communication, sharing and requesting.

Play-Based Learning


Your child's independence will improve with overall daily routines such as dressing, eating, grooming and toileting through our highly effective life skills programming.


Encouraging Independence.

Creativity Goes a Long Way

Hands-on learning can be the most beneficial way for children to learn by having fun! Our Therapists incorporate interesting and meaningful strategies that capture each child's attention and motivation, increasing their level of interest, resulting in positive gains!

inhome therapy
We Come to You!

Sessions are conveniently run in the comfort of your own home, or the child's daycare or school.

Our therapists bring all the required materials and take pride in connecting with Autism families in Barrie and surrounding areas. 

aba therapy
Individualized Programming

Every child is different and learns at their own pace and learning level. We cater to each child's specific needs and motivations to ensure every session is set up productively and each child is ready to succeed!

What parents are saying...

"I can't fully express how much you mean to our family. You came into our lives at a very tumultuous time. I will never be able to thank you enough for helping my child when I couldn't. [Student] has come leaps and bounds since working with you and we know he just loves you! Our entire family is eternally grateful for everything you have done."

-Katie D.


"I feel fortunate to have found you at a time when we weren't sure what the right supports would be...and you're it! We have seen great improvements already in a few months in initiating conversation, recalling experiences and making detailed requests. There have also been huge strides with life skills such as mastering social questions and using the potty independently. Our child's teachers agree that with your sessions his language and social skills have already come a long way."

-Tahlee M.

JULY 2018

"I cannot believe how far he has come in just a couple of months. I notice him requesting for things at home now, he is showing more independent skills than ever and I find myself not having to do half of the things I used to for him because he's doing them all on his own now! I am so happy to have found you and am so grateful for the hard work. It really shows in him. Thank you so much!"

-Samantha R.

JUNE 2017

"I had a meeting with his teacher today and he agreed with me on how much (child) has improved with his social skills. He is listening to the teachers' instructions much better now and is sitting during circle time which he could never do before. What a great change we see in (child) already. We're just so happy."

-Asha W.

MAY 2017

"I just want to let you know that I have made a connection with my son that I haven’t had before. We have seen such big leaps with him, even in the past six weeks. There are very significant changes we see in him and we are not as concerned and worried that he is disconnected from us anymore. The change we have seen has been incredible."

-Amir R.



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